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Integrity is the foundation of our business. Whether you are our end user, supplier or distributor, we are willing to be your loyal friend.

Wel-Tech is an important partner of many brand welding consumable companies around the world. At present, the authorized agent brands include Oxford Oxford, Superalloy SMC, Techalloy, German VDM, American Arcos, Hobart, etc. In terms of main alloy materials, we have also established good cooperation with many mainstream steel mills and stockists in Europe and the United States, and can provide customers with high-quality products and services at any time. The industrial equipment and welding equipment are selected from world-class brands, including American Miller welding machine, German AMF company tooling fixture, German Sigmang company flexible welding workbench, and all of them have obtained the authorized agent certificate.

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SMC's product trademarks include: Inconel, Inco-Weld, Monel, Ni-Rod, Incoloy, etc.

Lincoln's product trademarks include: Tech-Rod,Excalibur

Arcos's product trademarks include: Arcosr

VDM's product trademarks include: VDM

Oxford's product trademarks include: Oxford Alloy

AMF's product trademarks include: AMF

Siegmund's product trademarks include: Siegmund

ITW's product trademarks include: Miller